How can one teach numbers Recognition to a 3 yr old through play way method like colouring etc?

Question:pls give me some practical ideas

this is an interactive game site.. it is not a bad idea to introduce a child to a computer and if they enjoy the games that can be played there the child is learning both math and respect for a computer
Find the number is a good place to start the children interact with a parrot and a cat
You could move onto the printable worksheets when the child feels ready to progress or gets bored with he games.
you could also design a counting caterpillar on the computer to print off ... covering numbers you want the child to learn first then progress to a number pattern with numbers missing from your caterpillar you could, i have also used colouring to begin with only draw the amount you want colouring eg. colour 1 fish / colour 2 pencils and so on until they begin to recognize the number pattern then progress making it slightly more difficult but be prepared to go back a step a time or two don't dictate allow the child to learn and grow at their pace!
You can include counting in most activities that you do in the routine of your day just so long as you make it a game and both you and your child are enjoying themselves.
Learning should be fun both for your child to learn and you to teach in whatever method you use .
Happy number teaching I hope this hasnt confused you (too much info at once ) I hope it has been of some help to you
Well, my son who is 2 has puzzles with the numbers in it. He'll take them out and put them back in and I'll say the number with it. Sometimes I ask him what number it is. We count M n Ms and do colors with them. We count blocks. We have a book "My Love for You" that says things like "My love for you is as big as 1 bear," etc. and we count the animals. We count the stairs when we go up for a nap. I hope this helps. try this one under fishing Please, have in consideration that your child is unique and precious. First identify his or her point of interest and begin to play with he or she a guessing game. It could be with any thing in your home and with a flash card write the number you want that she or he need to memorize. Ex. 3 oranges, lets count 1, 2, and 3. Repeat 3 oranges and show the number three. Don't forget to use the technique of always playing and enjoy the guessing. A three year old is really just getting to know the numbers and realize that they are numbers..focus on maybe 1-3 at first, maybe 1-5 but no more. color, use bingo dobbers, sing songs, match cards, cut and glue things on paper, use this age, learning is pretty natural..dont worry about being in a rush. Good for you. You can do it thousands of ways. Let your child help out at dinner time by saying things like "we need 3 forks on the table" and letting them count 3 forks and put them on the table. it reinforces counting and makes them feel special because they are helping.
flashcards are good for recognizing the actual number. plus there are tons of great activity books out that you can by at toy stores that are geared toward preschool education that teach numbers, abcs, shapes, colors etc.
they will have a page with the number two on it and you count two objects on the page and color them, then you can trace the number 2 and right the number two.

if you have a afternoon snack time and you let your child have 2 cookies. you could tape a number 2 to the cookie jar (or box or whatever) and at snack time you can talk about the number two and see the number two and then enjoy two cookies.

i can come up with more if you give me a little time :) One way that you can do it when you are out and about is to have a scavenger hunt. Choose a number to focus on (such as 3) and have your child try to find it wherever you go. Places to look could include price tags, street signs, addresses, etc. Of course you'll probably have to help your child at first and one way to do that is by locating the number on let's say a box of cereal. You could say, "I see the number three on the front of this box. Can you find it?" Eventually they'll be able to find the numbers on their own. count cars etc when you out ask him how many birds he sees etc he will get the hang off it here is a tried and proven method to teach just about everything under the sun. children's learning programs on tv and most child care facilities use it all the time. it's music. it's fun and exciting and best of all the kids don't realize they are learning. seriously.

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