Letter home for Kindergarten Christmas participant?? Please HELP!?

I am trying to write a letter to transport home to parents informing them of our class Christmas party. I also want to ask them to please bring surrounded by _________. (I will write it on the lines what it is). I am bad next to wording and was hoping a trainer out there have a template or a letter already written that I would be capable of use and make the adjustment needed. If you have one one on the computer made up, please e-mail it to my yahoo e-mail. Thanks!

Answers:    Ok--maybe you didn't already procure one--

Dear Parent (or you can have the kids write within "Mom")

To celebrate this holiday season, we will be have a party on
___________________. Although we know the holidays are hectic, we will call for some help to craft this an enjoyable and attractive party for adjectives. The following items and helpers are still needed. If you are incompetent to attend or supply the following item, please let us know as soon as possible. The items should be sent within by the _________.

Paper Plates
Paper Cups
Fruit Juice
Candy for the Stockings

We also need:

Reader (To Read the Night Before Christmas)
Activity Aid

If you can possibly volunteer, or would basically like to bring together us, please send a minute with your child tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!
Ms.___________'s Class
Dear Parent

To express joy this holiday season, we will be having a fête on
___________________. Although we know the holidays are hectic, we will need some assistance to make this an nice and memorable carnival for all. The following items and helper are still needed.

Paper Plates
Paper Cups
Fruit Juice
Candy for the Stockings

If you can possibly volunteer, or would just close to to join us, please distribute a note beside your child tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!
Ms.___________'s Class

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First, I would suggest posting a sign-up sheet on your classroom door and asking parents to sign up for what they want to bring (food wise).

As for the letter, it shouldn't be that difficult.

To adjectives my wonderful parents,
Christmas Greetings! It is once again time to celebrate the Christmas holiday. This year, our class will be have a Christmas party on (whatever date) at (whatever time). We will be (whatever you plan to do: sing: show our Christmas art, adorn the tree, etc). There will be a sign-up sheet posted on our classroom door for our meal items. Please sign-up for an item you can bring to the fête. There are (number of students) in our class. Parents are invited and pressed to stay for the party. If you are not sufficiently expert to attend, please feel free to ask a relative to come surrounded by your place if you'd like. Hope to see you here!

I hope this helps!
It may not be such a angelic idea to assign items to the parents. Some parents simply may not own the extra money to spend on snacks, etc. When we have party at our school we dispatch a note to parents something similar to this:

Dear Parents:
On Wednesday, December 19, 2007, we will be having our Christmas gala. Your child may wear a Christmas outfit on that day. If you would similar to you may send a special snack for your child's class. There are ______ children within the class.
Thank You,
School's name or teacher's baptize

We put in the element about the Christmas outfit because our students wear uniform.

Asking for items in this comportment will not make parents get the impression bad if they are unqualified to send things.
I do things a bit different than you are. I dispatch home this note and the parents know I may request something different. I usually teem in where on earth things are lacking. There is usually no problem next to food. Sometimes there isn't adequate drinks but a bottle or two of juice take care of that. I hope this is functional. Mary


______________________________________... like to donate:

Snack: ________________________________________...

Paper products: ____________________________________


* Please send backbone on Monday.

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