I am a preschool teacher and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the dramatic play center?

Question:I try to change the center each month, last month i set up a tent and had a pretend campfire.

I am a pre-k teacher and some of the ways I set up my dramatic play area this year were: a beach area, a camp ground, a doctors office, a restaurant/cafe, a house (kitchen/dining and a "living room"), a grocery store, and a vet office. I keep the dramatic play area set up for as long as the children show interest in it. It's been as little as a couple weeks to as long as a month an a half. I follow the children's lead - I listen to their conversations and see what they show interest in.then i take it from there. Let them do some of the work for you! If they are into ocean, think of creative ways to let them pretend they are underwater. Or if they are into dinosaurs - make a Dino Land for them. Let your imagination soar! You'd be surprised what you can do!
do a cowboy theme, or a underwater theme
Fun! Sailing, grocery store, cooking, travel (vehicles), contruction, farm, costume ball, jungle, sports, school, professions, ocean, technology, shakespere, greek mythology, vet, prehistoric animals/fossils, ummm... can't think of any more right now. Good luck! :)
Since it is summer how about going to the get a plastic wading pool and put sand in it put buckets, seashells, and provide water so that they can create sandcastle. On another day you can bury various kind of seaanimals and give them a picture sheet that they can circle when they find them and then re bury. For November get large grocery bags, colored construction paper and some color sheets with pilgrims Indians, turkeys, using the bags let them design a costume and then do a play.
Treat yourself to a copy of "The Complete Learning Center Book" by Rebecca Isbell. I've been in the field for over 25 years and this is the best resource on the subject I've seen. It has lots of ideas for centers and ideas to go with them. There are instructions for things you can make for each center and things the kids can make. It's published by Gryphon House and is available on their web site. Sometimes you can find this type of book on amazon.
My kids love it when I turn it into a post office. Other ideas include a vet clinic, doctor's office, restaurant (you can usually get empty wrappers, container, and drink cups from McDonald's or another favorite restaurant and the kids really think that is fun). A bank, a pretend classroom, pet store.
how about a jungle or maybe a fruit bowl or maybe a farm or the beach or jus regular shopping and like teaching people what sum nessesary things are that they should buy to increase their health..GROCERY STORE
how about nipa hut do a traditional one
Pirates (boats, pirate flags, treasure maps, loot)
Combine Dramatic Play with Blocks by getting some tools and hardware props for children to "build" with
Vacation (luggage, pretend car made out of large cardboard box, maps and cameras)
Doctor (doctor/nurse/dentist props) - really good idea if you have a kid whose getting tubes put in or has had some sort of medical procedure recently
Car Mechanic stuff (tools, prentend cars)

Boys needs are often ignored in this center!

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