Preschool twin boys near ODD & ADHD...HELP?

I teach at a private academy where here are twin boys in my class beside ADHD & ODD. They are very sweet when they want to be. But when they are surrounded by their "zone", they are very riotous. We have tried everything from ignore them to sending them to time out with the Headmaster. Nothing is working. They are amazingly hurtful of other people and respectively other, they bite, kick, hit, pinch, mark and spit. Along with other things. Does anyone enjoy any clue about how we could touch them. I love the boys a lot and would resembling to see them thrive in class...but the other teacher and myself are all at a lost. Please relief us!

Answers:    I work at a Preschool/Daycare with two and three year olds. We own had to come up near some creative strategies to handle several children who displayed aggressive behaviors including the things you are describing. One point that works well beside the three-year-olds when they get into that state of mind is putting them within the "Cloud Corner." It's a corner in the room that is to say filled beside pillows and stuffed animals and is set apart from the other centers in the room. If a child get out of control or starts to "lose their cool" we report to them they need to shift take a few minutes and sit surrounded by the Cloud Corner. This often works economically when a child is too worked up to think clearly and newly needs some time by themselves.

Another strategy I hold heard of educator using but I am not sure if I personally agree beside is having the child repeat the bustle deemed indecorous until it no longer becomes "fun" for them. This would simply work with something the coach has told a child not to do but does not injure another child. The way the strategy is explained, a bit than telling the child not to execute a certain behaviour, the teacher tries to get hold of the child to "get it out of their system." For example, if a child is spitting, the don will hold out their hand and read out 'Spit into my hand.' The child is provoked to spit until it no longer becomes fun, which contained by theory keep them from performing that action again.

A third strategy, much close to the Cloud Corner, is one in which you can set up a bench in the classroom and place a colorful crown or head covering next to it along next to some type of toy with sand or grease inside it that you turn over to watch it drip to the other side. (Here is a connection to an example of the kind of toy I am referring to : ). When a child become aggressive or out of control, they may move about sit in the stool and watch the toy for a few minutes and wear the crown. This agency, they don't feel the guilt of sitting within time out, but still recognize that they entail to be away from their fellow students for a few minutes. It helps them to clear their skipper and reflect on their whereabouts, much like the Cloud Corner.

As a concluding resort, oftentimes a teacher have been assigned to a specific child if they are insurmountable and will sit with them, hold their paw when walking in the meeting room, etc. This helps ensure that the child is mortal monitored at all times. Also, the positive attention and affection from a caregiver can oftentimes facilitate counteract the aggressive behaviors a child is displaying.

I hope any of this can be of assistance to you! I definitely get how frustrating it can be when a child is harming his fellow classmates and it seem as if he is not responding to any technique. Hopefully as the boys mature and become more aware of their engagements these aggressive behaviors will decrease. Good luck!
Children beside ODD and ADHD need like mad of redirection. Is it by the parents request that they be in equal class? I am wondering if they were separated if their behaviors would be more sufferable (i.e., only child's behavior for the educationalist to redirect vs. times two). I own identical twin girls that are 2 and I desire now I would own split them up this year. They are giving their Parent's Morning Out teacher a time this year. They obligation a lot of redirection as capably. Next year for preschool I am definately splitting them up. I am also in my senior year working on my BS surrounded by Early Childhood Education. Redirection is the key to these disorders as economically as keeping activities from human being to long. If they lose interest, you will notice that is to say when they will start in. Try involving them within passing out materials for the goings-on and keep them actively involved within each step of anything it is you are doing so they don't get distracted. I hope this help.

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