What does it mean to be an early childhood professional?

Usually it take a great deal of experience, skill, education and professional qualification (license, major area of study) in the field of early childhood education to be a "professional."
It depends on who gave you the title. If it was your boss, it is just a title, otherwise hopefully it is a person who has studied, and worked intensely in early childhood for quite some time.

I had a Job, just out of high school where we were called "youth specialist", it was just a fancy way to say daycare teacher.
one that is well educated in early childhood and with holds the professional responasabitily that go along with it (early child hood tends to be ages infants to 9)
as an example, i have a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. i have passed state's licensure tests which help to show evidence that i'm highly qualified to teach to children from ages 4 to 8 in my state, even though my studies began with infancy but that's my state's issues ;) Anyways, the word professional indicates specialized training and for some that could be as little as an Associate's Degree or upwards to a PhD
An early childhood professional is one who has devoted not only their time to education on the topic of child development, but as their life's work. I have dedicated my life's work to promoting the education, social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skill development of young children. It means that you work on developing the whole child... and are constantly revising your philosophy and re-examining your own education on the subject. You have to keep learning as well, developing and changing yourself as well in order to maintain being a "professional". I believe that being a professional in early childhood means that you dedicate yourself to your own personal growth on the current trends/methods in childrearing, and that you dedicate yourself to doing the best for each individual child that you can.

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