Example open-ended questions for preschoolers?

what will u do if u forget your school bag/lunch?
how many ways u can use your hat/tie/umbrella/dustbin/plate...
what will you do if it rains gold?
what will you do if a lion comes inside the room?
how will u manage to go home if u miss the school bus?
About any question that startes with "WHAT" that way they have to give an answer besides yes or no.
ie: What did the mouse ask for when he gave him a cookie? A glass of milk.
An open ended question has no specific answer. Ask open ended questions which require more than a yes or no answer from the kids that age like, how do you feel about this or what did you think about this, simple what do you think, rather than did you like this.

When thinking of open ended questions, think about the response that you want to get from the child, if you just want a yes or no, with preschoolers, open ended questions can get any type of answer.
Open ended questions make a preschooler use logic to come to a conclusion.

I love using open ended questions during literacy time. For instance, when reading a book, stop and ask, "Hmmmm, what do you think will happen next??", or "I thought this book was great, what did you think and why??" Have them look at pictures on the cover and in the book and do a picture prompt, "What do you think this story will be about"

Always try to bring out more than a yes or no. Ask why.

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