at what age should a child knows their ABC?

There is no set age for a child to learn their ABC's. Just find fun songs and chants about the ABC's and use them. One thing I did in my classroom is to have the children sing the ABC's while washing their hands for lunch. This not only taught them but made sure they washed their hands for about 30 seconds!

One thing to remember is that there is a difference between knowing the ABC's "rote" and "meaningful". Rote is just the ability to say or sing them without really understanding the individual sounds or being able to pick the letters out in books,etc. Meaningful learning is when the child can find the letter when presented out of order and say its sound. My advice is to just read, read, read together so your child will enjoy reading.
5 or 6 but no later than 7 I think by the time they enter kindergarten, they should be reading basic books by 6, the earlier the better.
John Stuart Mill could read three languages by the age of 4; greek, latin, and english i'd say 3 or 4 but even if they don't know it by then they should know part of it Well, most children in the family including me learned around age 4 to 5. my cuzin new hers at age 1 6 My nephew knew his abc's at 2 and he's 3 now,so probably 2-5 would be the time for them to learn them. 5-6 THIS IS SOMETHING THAT VARIES FROM CHILD TO CHILD. IN SCHOOL THEY USUALLY TEACH THE ABC'S IN KINDERGARTEN AND START READING IN FIRST GRADE. SO THAT WOULD MEAN THE ABC'S AT AGE 5 READING AT AGE 6.
SOME SLOW STARTERS BECOME THE GREATEST MINDS OF ALL TIME. LOOK AT EINSTIEN. You should try introducing a child to the alphabet as soon as they start to talk. Accredited preschools normally teach children their alphabets, upper case and lower case, by the time they are four. By the time a child starts kindergarten, they are required to be able to distinguish all 26 letters in various given orders. I had mine memorized at 4. Basicly just a little after they can speak properly. my kids were taught at age 2 and now know that there address there numbers colors shapes etc.

It is all in when you teach them and when doing it make it fun for them to want to learn Many people say " my child knows his ABCs" because they can sing the ABC song or say it. That is rote memorization and it is a good start, but it doesn't mean they "know" their ABCs. They have memorized something.
After that, preschool teachers start helping children get a sense that the ABCs actually mean something. (stand for something). Usually children start recognizing the first letter of their name - then maybe all of their name.
By kindergarten many children have been taught (and learned) to recognize most or all of their ABCs but, again, that doesn't mean they can read. Lots of small steps along the path to reading and all are important steps. Here on long island they should know them before entering ,they also can write their name. Kindergarden is like what first grade use to be . Its unfortunate because if your a low income parent you can't afford a preschooll and then your child is left behind unlessyou have the time to sit and work with the kid yourself. Children learn at their own pace. The best time is to start introducing them to their ABC's as early as possible. At about 2 some children can recite their ABC's, but it is not until 3-5 that they start learning each letter individually. 5 or 6 best if it's taught early.. work with them make learning fun... freebie By the time they begin Kindergarten, at least. My 3 year-old granddaughters (cousins) both know them all, recognize the letters, and one (the 3 1/2-year-old) can count to 100 and recognize the numbers. Late Prek3 early Prek4 About the time they are three or four.. well by the time they enter kindergarden. 5 seventy-three If you work with your children at home, they can know their ABC's by the time they are 2 or 3. I made flash cards out of index cards and used the system "a" .. is for Apple "b" ... is for Boy ... "c" is for Cat. You can add familiar names to match the letters of the alphabet to make it more fun. I made capital letters on one side of the index card and small letters on the other side. You can make it into a fun learning game and popsicles or a favorite story after concentrating and doing their best. You'll know what they're capable of and make sure you encourage and praise their efforts. Repetition is important. I did this with my children and they didn't attend pre-school and weren't at all behind when they started kindergarten. They've both graduated now .. one is a pharmacist and the other is an attorney. There is no specific age that a child should know their ABC's. Many states expect them to be learned in kindergarten (approx. age 5), however the Montessori Method is of the school that children go through "sensitive periods" and will learn different things as they gravitate naturally to them. I suggest your child learn the sounds the ABC's make first. between 1 and 2 I have 5 little brothers and sisters
Johnathan learned at: 3
Daniel: 4
Rebekah: learning at age 1

So I recommend age 3-4 Children should know ABCs by the time they are ready to enter Kindergarten. I would say around 5 or 6 years old. Even though, Kindergartners will be reintroduced to their ABCs in school, it will make their lives easier if they know their ABCs before school starts. Kindergarten is harder than it used to be. They are learning how to write complete sentences with pictures, read, learning to tell time, basic math skills, count money: etc. Teachers are trying to blend learning with fun. It is a hard juggling act. no later than 4 any later and they are already falling behind the curve Age 3-4.

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