I need three stimulating activities that promote physical, cognitive and creative development?

Question:I need three stimulating activities that promote physical, cognitive and creative development i need one each for three four and five year olds

Here's one for 5 year olds (and maybe others if you can get them in a line long enough). Draw a straight line in the dirt (or tape a line on the floor of a gym or other large room). Line the kids up side by side. At the sound of a whistle have each child run forward a few feet where you have a puzzle (age appropriate...ie: putting shapes into their correct slots, a puzzle of the United states, etc) when the child is finished have them run back to their original spot and ring a bell. Write down each child's time, whether or not they completed their task correctly and move all to another spot and a different puzzle and continue until all have worked each puzzle. Give a certificate or small prize for the top 3 if you like.



Check some of these links, they might help you. dancing with the music helps here's a free site. ah educational...sneaky Have the children plant a garden. Let them find a place, dig the holes, pick the plants and arrange them. You'll meet all three goals.

Even play dough can promote these. You can make the dough(find a good no cook one that just uses hot water), have the children measure out the ingredients and add then (you do the water) then give each child a blob and let them knead in the coloring. Play game with it like how do we get it to squish out a garlic press, or how much will fit into a cup. Then hand out a bunch of cookie cutters and have fun! I think each of those sites listed are helpful and insightful. I have added them to my favorites thanks.

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