What's the name of those alphabet toys from the 80's?

Question:Way back in preschool, my teacher had this set of inflatable alphabets toys, with each character looking like something the
letters start off with, like e's for exercise lifting a barbell, g's for gum and it's made like gum and z's for zippers and he's covered with zippers. I have my guesses but I can't remember for anything! Does ANYBODY knows what I'm referring to?!

You're probably remembering the "Letter People." It's a bit different now then when we were kids. At the last preschool I was teaching at they had these letter people. They were basically an inflatable oval shape... but their decorations depended on the letter. Mr B had buttons all over, Ms S had a cape and "super socks", Ms P had patches, etc. They even have a CD of songs for each letter person... some are ok... others are quite corney.
Was it the "letter people" ? Or the 'alphabet people?' I remember them in kindergarten. Hope this jogs your memory!
I know What your talking about,that's when Learning was fun
These guys?

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