My Daughter has to dress up as a astronaunt any suggestions?

Question:My daughters 3rd grade class is having what you call a living musuem . She needs to dress up as a astronaunt. She is acting has Sally Ride. I really dont want to go out a buy a costume. Any simple ideas..

milk jug (gal size) for a hat...or a plastic fish bowl container with holes....


white sweat pants and a white sweat shirt...


paint a flag on the sleeve

take out some kid books on astronauts..see what they are wearing....and find household stuff to look like it...boxes are wonderful..(paint them..stick paper to them...materials, etc..)

check with (they have stuff that people are giving might ask one if they have an astronaut costume)..choose the are that you live in...wonderful site for recycling and saving landfills...

good luck and have fun with it....
White pants, white shirt, clear plastic fish bowl that fits over her head (with large holes in it)....a box covered with aluminum foil on her back and aluminum foil covered shoes.

Hope that helps!
I did that once. Color her face white as snow and also go to a costume shop and see what they have to borrow.
this link has instructions on how 2 make an astronaut costume. luks hard but finished results luk good. Gud Luck ;)
I'd get those dryer vent things to make the arms out of.
white milk jug for a hat, white shirt and pants with silver stripes on them ( chrome colored duct tape ) moon boots, put a silver box on her back.

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