orientation plan for new teacher?

If you want to give an orientation to a new teacher, I suggest a walk-through of the facility, and a time for them to just observe in the classroom. Observation is critical for a prospective new hire... it gives them a chance to see how the classes are run, how the teachers interact with the kids, and whether or not this is the type of facility that they will be comfortable in. If they decide after a day of observation that they still want to work there, you put them in the class with someone who has been at the facility a while who knows the ropes. The best training is on the job training, and the person either rises to the occasion or quits. At our facility, the lead teacher has a checklist of items that they go over with a new hire, such as emergency procedures, how to greet families in the morning, who is allowed to pick up the children, diapering procedures, how the daily schedule will go, when breaks are, what the expected duties (cleaning, food preparation, etc.) are for each person in the class, and assessments of the children. Source(s):
preschool teacher for 14 years yes. good idea. or provide more details for a better answer. Need more info? Your giving an orientation to a new teacher or is it for your students? If your giving one to an adult then I agree with the last answer...Have them visit some of the classrooms that are established and observe. If it is for students the it is always good for students to tell about them self and you as the teacher tell about yourself. Maybe write 2 or 3 sentences. If the students are familiar with each other have them write 2 or 3 sentences and let the others guess who it is. Good luck.

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