What is the difference between an honors english class and a regular paced english in high school?

Honors usually goes more in depth. In my school, the Honors English program includes more analysis on topics like theme, symbolism, figurative language, imagery....and how everything is connected and how each topic develops another. The Honors course is an advanced course, so I'm guessing you might get more homework than from the regular course, but the class looks good on your transcript. Some schools weight the Honors course differently, so your GPA might be higher if you do good in this class. It can also gear you for AP English, which if you get a 3,4, or 5 on the AP test, you will be eligible for college credit.
At my HS, it meant more reading, analysis and writing than the regular English class. I enjoyed it...
An honors English class is for someone who shows a greate aptitude for the subject. They are frequently geared for the college bound.
Generally the honors classes go more in depth into a book and require deeper concepts and analysis in essays. They grade harder, but (in my experience) have less homework than regular. Also, most schools give a grade curve to honors classes (at my school it is a 1.1 multiplier). This counts for gpa, class rank, and honor roll, but it doesn't show up on the report card.
at some schools, it is more homework, more in-depth analysis and more reading because in an honors class the teachers expect you to achieve more than the regular paced classes. i reccomend taking an honors class if you are debating between the two. challenge yourself a little and it looks better on your transcript as well! good luck!

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