How manydays does a child have to be absent from school to have to repeat the school year?

Question:my daughter has been absent from school to been absent from school for 11 days so far. im scared that she will have to repeat the 4th grade. I don't know how many days some one has to be absent from school to have to repeat the grade the next year. does eny one knoe how many days it has to be?

It is usually around 15 days, but check with your daughter's school. They will make exceptions for excuses with a doctor's note, but other excused absences still count.

If she does go over, they might have a program set up for her to make up the time she missed. Our school lets kids make up time hour-by-hour outside of regular school time. They have to get a faculty member to sign that they worked on school work for that time. If they can make up all the time they missed, they can still get credit, if not, they have to repeat the class. Even if your daughter does get held back because of absences, she could do summer school and get credit that way. My advice-don't let her miss anymore.
It depends on the school and state. Generally they must be in school 80%-85% of the time. Unless you have a doctors note.
Some school rather that your child just be at the same level as the other students. So this would depend on her grades.
they cant repeat any grades cuz of "the no child left behind" law not to mean i wouldnt worry bout her repeat any thing i would worry if she was absent any more would she get explled!!!
Most of the time if a child is in danger of repeating a grade for absenteeism then the parents will get a letter from the school telling them that a social worker will come out to thier house and find out why the child is missing sooo much school. But if she is ill and saw a doctor then they cant say too much.
general rule is your child must attend school 90% of the school year in az the school year is 180 days so your ok up to 18 missed days however if your child has missed school due to being hospitalized or a car accident the school can extend their rule
It depends on your school policy and if the absences are excused or not (wether you sent a note why she was gone each time).
I believe the total amount of absence is not the question, as long as when she is at school she gets her work done and her homework. it's not the amount of absence that will keep them retained. as long as she's not far behind she has to be able to keep up with the 4th grade level. i also have a 4th grader and he has been absent from school a lot as well and i have gone to his teacher personaly and asked will he be held back i was told its all up to him he has to come to school and do his work and at least show the effort. keep in mind a person can pass on to any grade as long as they have at least all D's... hope that was helpful. also always make the reasons for her absence excuseable ones that helps too.
repetition of a grade is based on your childs academic achievement and and whether or not it is felt she is ready to move up, not on the number of days absent your daughter has had, in Australia repetition is very rare so i wouldnt worry about this happening!

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