How does the European high school system work and compare to USA.?

Question:For those finishing high school in Europe, can you please talk about how it works in the older grades. Does one choose what subjects to do, are there specific streams of study, etc.
For those who did do math in grade 12 (or EU equivalent), what sort of things do you learn there.
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here's the way it works in France
when you're 15 you can choose between a lycee ( high school) of general education or a technical education one.
both of them require a 3-year study before the baccalaureat
in the general one the first year is common for everyone, then you choose between few main streams :
maths/physics/biology , economics , or languages .
then from there you'll have few different bacalaureat to choose from
A : language
B : economcis
C : maths/physics
D : biology
they are only mainstreams, meaning that you'll still learn other things.
in the technical high school, after a the first year
you choose mainly between
- electronics
- mechanics
- electronics + mechanics + math + physics. this one is a bit like the C bacalaureat but with less history/language
Well in england when now one starts secondary school. the classes are divided up into different groups, categorising the type of subjects to be done:

Modern Studies which comprises of subjects such as Geography, english, english literature,history, science, social studies, physical education, agricultural science.



Basiaclly those are the three main classes other classes inculde, auto mechanics, tailoring, beauty culture, typing, electrical instalation.

now when one enters seconadry school in the uk they MUST do 10 subjects. Upon entry the subjects are grouped and the student chooses the group h e or she wants...NO THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY CHOICE IN THE MATTER AS TO EXACTLY WHICH SUBJECTS THEY WANT TO DO they only have the choice of the grouping. When however they reached to thier final year they are allowed to drop 3 of the 10 subjects. If they want to write more than 7 they can pay . The schools maximun amount of subjects one can write is 7 and up minimun is 5.

After this they write an exam....students must pass five and more in order to continue thier studies. they are graded A B C . C is the lowest grade accepted. If one aquires 5 and more subjects they can then and only then enter in to its advanced level. This exams is known as ADVANED LEVELS ( a levels) this exams is the exam which determones if one can enter into university. Students can only sit up to 4 advanced level subjects. Depending on the field of study the pass requirements vary as well as the choice of subjects. to get into law one needs to have three (3) A level passes of which they must have a pass in history. Medicine, also three (3) but two of the three must be of a science subject. engineering same requirements as medicine.A level subjects are also grouped: MODERN STUDIES, SCIENCES AND BUSINESS. what field you want to get into you must enter the respective grouping. If you want to be a doctor but have no science subject you cant apply for medicine you have to take another route or simply sit the exam. A level usually takes two years to complete. There are no A levels in relation to auto mechanics tailoring, elctrical instalation. if one wnats to pursue a course of this kind the need to enroll in a technical vocational school sit the exams and then attend university.
in Germany, there are three different "highschools". If you want to build things or work with your hands (nothing to mantally stressing), you attend Haupschule. You take classes in the morning, than in the afternoon, you work as an aprentice. You attend Haupschule till you are about 16.
To have an office job like secretary or telemarketer, you go to Realschule. You study pretty much all the subjects, just a lot less challenging. You finish around 17.
If you want an uperclass job, like doctor or lawyer or teacher, you go to Gymnasium. Your major subjects are Math, German (like English to you), and another foreign language. You also study scinces, geography, religion, history, and another foreign language (no, i am not reapeting myself, most Gymansium students study 2). You go till about 13th grade. It starts at around 7:30 and ends around 1, but we don't do sports or electives at school, we go to AGs, which are like clubs.

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