How does size affect paper airplanes?

Question:when it comes to distance how far the paper airplane flies?
plz help me

I suspect this is for a science class. Size is determined by TWO basic measurements; surface area and weight. Significantly modifying either will dramatically effect the flying ability of the paper airplane. The more surface area the plane has, the more weight it can support. A large plane made of very heavy paper may only fly as far as the thrower can propel it whereas a much lighter constructed plane will have more of an ability to float on the air. Most principles surrounding real passenger carrying airplanes apply to paper airplanes minus the ability for pilot control. Experiment by making yourself two airplanes; one out of 8 1/2 x 11 notebook paper, one out of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of poster board (cereal box back). Make them using the same pattern as close to alike as you can. First try propelling each of them forward in typical paper plane throwing fashion using a medium toss. Next hold each flat by the rear just below the wing and about shoulder height and merely drop them flatly. One should fall like a rock and one should propel itself significantly forward. If you have access to larger pieces of paper and poster board such as 2' x 3' or so, try the same flight tests with the larger planes. The larger plane made of the heavier paper should fair better in the challenge (consider weight to surface area ratio) although it still might not beat the larger lighter plane. Do you think this will hold true no matter how large you fold a paper plane? When discussing paper as construction material consider weight as structure and surface area as need for structure. Balance the two. Larger plane, heavier paper. Smaller plane, lighter paper. Flight potential should be similar. I've done these tests. Paper plane flying is good fun.
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