How can I get my son (3rd grade) to slow down when doing his work in school?

Question:My son & i have had this conversation over & over again about him slowing down & checking over his work while in the classroom. His grades were ok while in public school but now that he has changed to a private school they are not all that good.
All of his teachers since 1st grade has said the same thing about him.....He is capable of doing the work he just rushes through it & does not take the time to check over it when he completes it. Help!!

First of all, why did you switch your child to a private school? From what you have stated it sounds like you were hoping they would correct his poor work habits. Well, obviously you must now admit that your son had the problem - not the school. He is doing worse now!. Third grade is the most difficult of the primary grades because there are an enormous amount of new concepts being taught. These concepts are the foundation for the intermediate grades..This would be the case no matter what school your child attends!
When a child has work habits such as these there are a few reasons:
1. Your child is very capable of doing better but does not want to take the time because he wants to play and socialize with classmates.
2. Your child has a learning problem and is frustrated with the work, so he just rushes through it because he feels as though it doesn't pay to even try.
No matter which of these reasons fits your child I strongly suggest some sort of academic intervention at the school level.
Children do not like to listen to their parents as a parent is too emotionally involved and the child senses it. Unfortunately ,many private schools do not have a system to counsel young children. At the Public School I worked at we had a program called "Primary Project" which was funded by a Federal Grant. The counselors and Social workers worked with children who were at risk academically due to some social issues either in the family or just at school. This program only worked with the Kindergarten through 3rd grade child. It met with children either individually or in a group for about 20 minutes per session. The amount of sessions per week depended on the severity of the child's problem They worked in conjunction with the teacher as a team. The Program was instituted initially for children of divorced parents but has extended it's services to encompass all primary grade children with some sort of adjustment issues..

Check out the web site listed here..

It is very important that you work closely with your child's school in any case. Be as honest about what's going on with him as you can. This is the year that most of what is to being taught in the future will depend on.

Good luck to both of you.:)
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