Pros and Cons of Substitute Teaching (secondary)? Tips?

I'm currently in the process of applying to sub within middle and high arts school. I don't have any experience nonetheless, so I was in recent times wondering if any experienced subs could give me some counsel. I'm also wondering how long you've subbed, and if you're still doing it or would do it again. I think I will resembling being a sub because I resembling teaching and am not looking for a long-term commitment right presently, but I was in recent times looking for some feedback from others. Thanks in credit!

Answers:    It's been years since I subbed, but I can share beside you the teacher's point of view who have to have a sub cover her class as very well as a couple of other pointers...

1) Not all teacher will leave a lesson plan, but if the teacher do, please follow them!

2) Leave a note at the running out of the day to consent to the teacher know how things go, but DO NOT write down the name of every student who did something wrong. That make YOU look bad and give the message that you couldn't handle the classes.

3) Be firm, unbiased, and friendly. You want to keep control, but if you come rotten like a strict disciplinarian, some students will newly see that as a challenge and do anything they can to try your patience and see if you will lose it.

I'm sure other subs will hold more and better tips for you, but those are what I remember from my days in the classroom (I'm surrounded by higher ed now).

Good luck!
I subbed for going on for three years total about twenty years ago. I found that subbing usually depended profoundly on the school. Some conservatory looked at you as a teacher, while others looked at you as a baby-sitter. I not here because I needed full time employment. Looking back I literary a lot and miss like mad. But after twenty years of law enforcement, in attendance is no way I would run back to the classroom. Teachers own to be special people.

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