Where do I report kids who do not go to school?

Question:My mom lives in an apartment complex and recently a few families moved in to 2 apartments. Recently meaning about 2 months ago. Since then all the kids(about 6) have not gone to school. Is there a way I can report them? If so, where do I report them? Thanks!

Look in the blue-pages in your telephone book for the district's truancy officer.

It is your duty as a tax payer to report this behavour. Explaination: the market tution price for a public high school is ~10k USD. Therefore, each day that they are not in school they are wasting 55USD.

If the children in question were being homeschooled, from the description provided, it sounds like they are not in school in actuality as they are disrupting the surrounding neighbourhood.
The local school or the police
your going to look silly when you find out they are home schooled....neibors will love you for it...wasting their time....
Child abuse hotline--attendance at school is compulsory. This is educational neglect.
Children should NOT have to go 2 school even though it is the law! Besides, it is none of YOUR damned business! Quit gettin' in2 other ppl's stuff and everybody will be happy.

Keeping your child @ home is NOT "Neglect"! EVEN IF THE LAW SAYS IT IS If anything, it is listening to the kids and giving them the right to choose what they want or don't want to do in life.

I aplaud those parent for not being BLIND FOLLOWERS like YOU! and NOT bending over for the U.S. GOVERNMENT!

This whole conspiracy is just another way of keeping the lower class poor and the upper class rich! THINK ABOUT IT! The government is making all kids go2 school...

If the rich kids fail, Who Cares!? There gonna inherit their daddy's business anyway, so they don't have to worry about it. But WHAT HAPPENS to the LOWER CLASS CHILDREN if they fail? They WON'T get ACCEPTED in2 a COLLEGE!! They'll NEVER get a GOOD JOB, and they are NEVER CAPABLE OF $$$!

See this is why I think americans R stupid (and I LIVE IN THE U.S.A.)

To your local division of family services because if they are being abused in this area, they are surely being abused in others. they may also have bruises and suffering from physical abuse. please act. donalore_43.... better safe than sorry!
Have you gone over and met the neighbors, maybe they do homeschool, try being a caring, concerned human being and not just a narc.
How do you know they're not being homeschooled?

I suggest you either consider the possibilities before you jump to conclusions or you mind your own business. As a poster before me said, I'm sure the families in question will just love finding out they're neighbor's daughter has nothing better to do than harrass them.

EDIT: How exactly do you know they're not homeschooled? Many homeschooled children do their schooling outside of normal school hours, so if that's your basis for "knowing" they're not being educated, you can forget it.
For chrissakes, do you even have a job to go to? A life of your own?

EDIT EDIT: I have a life of my own, which is why I don't spend my time nosing into the business of strangers because my mama's sister's cousin/husband heard from someone family member that these kids are uneducated.

You're being "attacked" because you're making assumptions on the well being of strangers, and not only is that intrusive and disrespectful, it's silly and assumptive. I think you need a hobby, or maybe to go full time on that job you claim to have. Find something other than hearsay and gossip to go on before you start forcing others to waste their time.
Ya you'll look like quite a jackass when you find out they're home schooled, why would you want to report them? I'd say it be a pain in the a$s to bother. "Report"makes you sound like the jerk next door, the ***** from down the block, and there are lots more.
How can you know for sure that there not home schooled, besides, where do you report people without a life, or job?

Why not talk to their parents, they might have some real feud with public schools

WOW ming thats a ****load of cash! in about 20 years someones gonna care, i mean, seriously, thats like a hundredth of a cent out of your pocket each year.
Try contacting your local police officers. They will know what to do. Don't call the emergency line, just the normal non-emergency line and tell them your problem.

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