How Can i get put in my right grade?

Question:i had to miss alot of school in order to tend to my mother who teachers who knew passed me they excused my i had a full creadit and i am in a whole different district..they said i can probably appeal the absents.but they might have to work something out with teh other shcool...idk someone plz help i think i will drop out i dont want to repeat the 9th i passed the classes but failed because my school attends plz help

First of all, plz. promise me you won't drop out of school. You need to appeal the absents and go talk to the Superintendant of the school district. If he is of no help,ask for a board meeting with school officials. Any documents you have need to be brought into them .You have to do this ASAP. You can also make up some classes on the Internet,if need be.I know you must be going through a lot of emotions right now. Your mother would want you to stay in school. You need to get your diploma- she will be watching you from up above. My mother died when my son was in 6th grade. He also missed a lot of days but I put him on Independent study and he just did his work at home and the hospital. They were very easy to work with but you have to make yourself heard as to what has happened and what a great deal of pressure you were under. Hopefully you will get a understanding Superintendent of the school district. Good luck and don't even think about dropping out !
Sorry charlie Life is Just NOT FAIR sometimes

Rules are Rules and if they bend one for you they must do that for everyone

God Bless your mom she will watch over you and take care of this

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