Predicate adverbs?

Question:can anybody get me a site with the defintion, a few examples, and a few try it now questions (with the answers) for predicate adverbs?

A predicate adjective is an adjective which follows the verb and describes or renames the subject. It is another way of modifying the subject. It follows a linking verb

Example- The sea is CALM tonight

Predicate Adjectives

Some verbs

A verb indicates the meaning of a sentence as it shows action, occurrence, or state of being. Verbs change form to show time, voice, number, person, and mood.

In the following sentence, the verb have is used correctly:

Ben and Ted have so many friends.
join a subject
The part of the sentence that names the person, place, or thing the sentence is about. Subjects are usually nouns or pronouns.

The word firefighters is the subject of the following sentence:

Seven firefighters were injured in the apartment fire.
The simple subject is the subject noun alone: firefighters.

The complete subject is the subject noun and its modifiers: seven firefighters.

to a word that describes or restates it rather than expressing an action performed by the subject. These verbs are called linking verbs. The verb was in the following sentence is an example:

Karl was serious.
Adjectives can follow linking verbs. The adjective serious in the sentence above is an example of an adjective following a linking verb. Adjectives that follow linking verbs and describe the subject are known as predicate adjectives.

Linking verbs include

Be sure to use an adjective after a linking verb. Do not use an adverb.

Janet appeared calm.
Janet appeared calmly.
The room looked neat.
The room looked neatly.
I felt bad about what I said.
I felt badly about what I said.

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