How many days can I be absent?

Question:I'm a high school senior, on the honor roll and I get all a's and b's in my classes, but this year I've been constantly sick, with pneumonia, then pink eye...etc. And I've been out 10 days as of the end of first semester..I think I"m hovering around 20 now. I was just wondering if there is some limit anyone knows about or if I could be kept from graduating by missing this many days. I understand it probably varies by area, I live in Rhode Island.


I don't know about Rhode Island, but here in Texas, if someone misses too many days, they will be denied credit, but the school usually provides some way for students to make up time, either with after school tutorials or Saturday school. Talk to your counselor to see if your school has any rules like that. You don't want to get surprised the day before graduation, so the sooner you check on the specific rules at your school, the better.
Have you talked to your school about this? Congrats on doing so well and sorry that you have had to miss so much, get back in there and keep tugging your about to make it.
It used to be 20 days. A lot depends on if you are doing make up work.
In california where i live, there's no limit unless you send the school a doctor's note after 5 days. (I go to public h.s.) 20 days is a lot. the problem (i.e. your grade problem) mostly lies with the teacher attitude and your work performance. hope this helps answer your question.

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