Convince the audience that homework is harmful to your health.when students do morehome work?

Question:when students are given more homework, they will not have enough time to study and they will be depressed.

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Try this 'When children are given more homework their minds get boggled up and then they are unable to do anything and finally they become HOMEWORK ZOMBIES.
Homework reinforces the mind's inner understanding of what has been learned by having the mind repeat an action over and over again, which in turn solidifies the neural processes related to that task Practice makes perfect, but perfect is relative. Since the mind is repeating the task at a later time (especially at night if student's put it off) the learning will be even more enhanced for repetitive tasks than if done during regular waking hours (Assuing the person is putting in effort and is not tired).

Student depression and inability to study is based soly on thte student's mismanagement of time. Student's can't take softball, hang out with friends, watch a movie, play on the computer, go to school, and see what's on TV all at once and expect to excel in everything. Depression based on inability to complete work must be judged on a case to case basis, but usually it's a result of the student not wanting to put forth the time to learn material. In retrospect, some concepts like geometry are better learned by people in the late teens and early 20s, but basic concepts such as algebraic solving and rote memorization can be achieved as young as the age of 5.

If you pay attention in school and play during lunch/recess/after school, life will be much easier.

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