What qualifications do i need to become a primary school/nursery school teacher? No stupid answers please.?

I understand that it varies from each authority now. So best check with a college in your area, or speak to a careers adviser.

My daughter is doing an HND in childcare and education and this requires that she has a two day a week placement at the local primary school. She loves it and has decided that primary school teaching is her choosen profession. She is a married mum and came late to teaching.

However, another placement studenT with her hates it now she has had some hands on and thinks it is just awful.

So the moral of my story is try and get some hands on experience before you decide your choosen path.
Here is the relevant website.


You can teach in Primary schools if you have a O level to Degree cert. The subject that you teach depends on the cert that you have.
I recommend that you visit the website below for all the info you will need. (You can also obtain a booklet from them). Here is info re basic qualifications: The subjects you study as a secondary student and as an undergraduate will make a big difference to your opportunities in the long term. Getting good basic qualifications is the first step towards achieving qualified teacher status. These basic requirements are needed to begin your course of initial teacher training (ITT) and gain qualified teacher status (QTS). Once achieved, a QTS qualification will enable you to teach at state-maintained schools across England and Wales.

Qualifications Grades needed
A GCSE (or recognised equivalent) in English - Grade C or above
A GCSE (or recognised equivalent) in mathematics - Grade C or above
A GCSE (or recognised equivalent) in a science subject if you want to teach primary or key stages 2/3 - Grade C or above
A UK degree (or equivalent qualification) - Pass
(A degree is not required to begin undergraduate teacher training, ie. bachelor of education and bachelor of arts/science with qualified teacher status. The initial teacher training providers awarding these qualifications will have their own requirements).
Depends on the educational system of the country where you'll work, im a preschool teacher, i had a 4-year degree in Communication but still was required another 18units in early childhood education so I could take the licensure exam for teachers.
Well, if you have just graduated from a trainee teacher school ,the staff may recommend you the schools where you do exta traing in order to know how to deal with classroom management , lesson planning ,textbooks,and time management to know how, when , how long , and to hom a lesson is likely to be taught. Good luck.
The staff at the nursery school in my village have all got either NVQ 3's in Child Care and two of have got Teaching Degrees as well.
for nursery school you need nvq in childcare and for teaching you need a university degree, and it depends whether you wish to teach in a non denominational school or catholic school, but obviously you need GCSE/Standard grades/A levels/highers depending where you stay.
Early Childhood Education
you need a c in english,maths and science gcse. Specific A levels aren't especially important but I would go for a language, maths and science. You will then have to do a primary techaing course in university for 3 years and then you will be qulified to become a primary school teacher!
hope this helps
To become a primary school teacher you will need GCSE grades A-C (or an equivalent qualification) in English Language, Maths and Science.
Most people would then move on to do A'levels (there are no specific subjects required, although you are best choosing at least 2 subjects that related to the Primary National Curriculum). As this is a very competitive career to get into shortage subjects such as Maths & Science are worth considering at A'level - but only if you are very strong in them.
Most entrants the go on to do a (Primary) teaching degree course at university - usually lasting 3 years. (You'll need to have gained at least 10 days of work exeprience in primary schools before applying for a degree.
(It is possible to do a non-teaching degree course and then do an extra one year teaching coures - a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education - but this is very difficult to get onto for Primary teaching.)

If you want to work in a nursery (pre-school) you do not have to be a qualified teacher. Qualifications to aim for here are a Diploma in Childcare & Education (2 year full-time college course) or an NVQ level 3 in Childcare & Education (a qualification gained whilst working for an employer, possibly through a training provider).
You can do the Diploma course after GCSEs (you may need 4 or 5 GCSEs grade A-C including English to get onto it straight away).
These qualifications do not make you a teacher though. you would be a qualified nursery nurse or classroom assistant (in a primary school), but not a 'teacher' as such. Therefore the pay isn't as good!

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