lateness and its effects?

Question:particularly to studends. your can stern the answers with stories of ancestors that lost / miss opportunity because of lateness.

IM guessing your teacher is asking you to write an essay on this. This isn't a free essay site. You know that, right?

I suggest you stop person so lazy and do your own homework. If you hold a QUESTION, then ask it. "lateness and its effects?" isn't a ask.
im sorry but wot did u say Well, you do own to learn to be on the dot for things as a student before you take out there within the real world and find a job. I be a sign of, many population get fired from their job because of persistent lateness.

from experience, lateness has cause me alot of problems. ever heard the phrase "the ealy bird catch the worm" it's so true !! i've missed out on alot of oppurtunities because of being deferred

Tardiness is a problem surrounded by general. Specifically from the stand point of student it would be because when you are within school you are not with the sole purpose learning unfinished skills, you are also being prepared for the afternoon when you will enter the work world. In the work world the effects of tardiness can be devasting from a work stand point. People will count on you to be on time, one late will result within not getting raises, missed promotion opportunity, and in masses cases termination.

LOL Jazzhands - Good point :) well if you're belatedly for class then you'll disturb the rest of the class for a few minutes, the coach isn't any wiser because he gives you a unharmed lecture on delay so he disturbs the class too, after the class has settled down, your friends want to narrate you the gossip that you missed by coming unpunctually, also you've got to inform them why you were unpunctually (the really story though, not the excuse you told the teacher, to capture him off your back) and one-sidedly when i'm late i'm newly flustered throughput the whole lesson and of late can't concentrate for about partly an hour.
two weeks ago my friend was partially an hour late to an exam because she get stuck in the pull in her flat, for fifteen minutes, on her agency out.
always try to be on the dot, afterall; the early bird catch the worm. You should have be here yesterday!

Sorry about your luck, but you're SOL...

How's that for an effect? Lateness is cause by the lack of sleep, especially when you have fun time with your friends. Sometimes it can come about by forgetting a special occasion and conceivably remembering it last minute. in attendance isn't a disease for lateness it is a natural entry. It happens to adjectives humans


human reasons

lateness has prevented me from giving you your first answer

One child never learned the Pledge of Allegiance because he be late every daytime

if your unpunctually for class, then it can be mega imbarrasing because culture turn around and stare at you as you step through that door, and if you are frequently late after you will develop a bad reputation for human being late and i dont come up with any one would want that now do we? accurate luck with your other answers and i hope i help.

Well, at a chore site if you're late plenty times, you can get fired. One who is recurrently late is view as irresponsible, lacking motivation, inefficient, having horrible work nouns, unlikely to succeed, not trustworthy,..... just to moniker a few. Many people bring angry with the party who is late; have to meet a dealine, keeping a promise to be in good time, or late for a special instance. I've seen and hear of people breaking up surrounded by a relationship due to this; businesses going belly up; another person getting something that be supposed to be yours.... list go on.

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