Is shut up a bad word?

I don't think it is, but sometimes people get uppity when I say it. Especially if there's a kid in the room. It can be bad if said with a certain tone and in a certain situation, but I don't think it is generally bad and people need to relax about it. There are a lot of awfully worse words and phrases out there to devote your energy to.
No, but it doesn't always sound nice when you say it. nope. because if it is be queit is too. shut up just means be queit in different words. There are many more uncouth words than "shut up". no its not but it is depend who u saying it and where u saying it. "shut up" is two words. and um... i would say it is oppinion. Some people think so but other people, like me, don't no but saying it is rude. No it's not necessarily a 'Bad' word but it can be tooken as offensive, as said before depends on how you are saying it, and WHO you are saying it to. i tell my 4-year-old son it's a bad word, have since he was a baby, because i don't say it and i don't want him to say it and that way if i absolutely need him to be quiet because he's about to tell a creepy stranger our address or something and i do say shut up he'll be so shocked he'll just do it. it is not abusive , but it is rude if you use that , instead of that you can say , "okay thats enough" etccc "Shut up" is a two word phrase. It is spoken in annoyance or anger by someone who does not wish to hear what you have to say. NO WAY, ITS JUST ANOTHER WAY OF SAYING BE QUIET... I SAY IT ALL THE TIME. i wouldnt call it swearing but its mean and offensive 2 say it 2 ppl TWO bad words, thank you very much. some ppl find it offensive while others dont mind. It just depends on the person ur with. definetly!
but u can use be queit! instead of shut up. It's like stupid or retard. It's not a "bad word" but it's not nice to say. yes, because it is rude, disrespecting and plain not nice. And, none of those things are good, so I would say it is a bad word. I don't allow my kids to say it. no
but it hurts feelings and if u hurt some 1s feelings the worst word of all.

not to sound corny It's not a bad word it is a rude phrase bordering on insolent or IMPUDENT depending on the tone of voice.It also is comonly used to express dismay then it is a "valley girl" expression,sort of like "Talk to the hand" it is but people use it too much to think about it Not really, but little kids from the age of 6 to 10 think it is... no ... there are many worse words ... but saying "shut up" is still rude! it can depend on a lot of things. I go to a private charter school and this year they now have a list of words which are according to the principal "not heritage academy appropriate" and it can depend on the person or the area that you live in or are in. No, not necessarily... if you are a bit younger like a kid, maybe Well personally I don't think its all that bad just sometimes it can sound mean. My geogrphy teacher give anyone who says "shut up" a damarit. SO I hope that helps you disifer. no. its a bad phrase! j/k its not bad. people just dont like to hear it (however they do like to say it) no it means be quiet.

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