How long does it take to go through a massage therapy school?

Question:i am 45 yrs old and male. and still havent found a niche in life, but ne way, getting to old and stoved up for physical labor, was considering going to a massage therapy school. wonder how much money i could make and how long the school and the what the expense of the school wold be, and i live in okla city, ne 1 know of any good schools here for this. thanx doug

My massage school was 650 hours. I also had to do 100 hours of massage.I live in Iowa, but every state is different about the amount of hours u have to have to be liscened. I also work at a massage school the current program takes about 9 months going 3 nights a week (5-9:30)and every other weekend(Sat and sun 9-5:30) The cost of the school is $6500 (and that is cheap)
I have been liscined for 2 1/2 years now and i love it. It is the best thing i have done with my life. You have to take a national exam and then apply for your state liscinse if your state requires a liscince. If you have a good cliental base then the poteinal to make a good amount of money is good. and it also depends if you have your own business or work for someone else or if you are an indepentant condrator. I am an idepentant contranter and i make 60% of every massage i do the rest goes to the owner where i work out of. But i don't have to do anything but show up for the massage. It is very easy for me. A one hour massage in a small town in iowa is $50. I like to do 3 massages a day. So if i were to do 3 one hour massages a day getting paid $30 for each one, and working 5 days a week i would make $450 a week. But depending on how much pressure you use and how you body is able to handle to physical labor(yes there is physical labor) of massge you may be able to do more. If you are a stronger man then it may be easier on your body to give massages than a small women. I hope this helps you in your quest. one more thing you have to do massage because you are passionate about health not because of money if you do it for money you will never be successful you have to care about others and truely want to help them with their physical issues. To be a caring person and to do your best will attract business to you.
Check out this site for schools in ok.
between 8-10 months if full time student every school is different

i finish and its great try it out you make good money!!
it took my mom about 1 year and that's including the 50 hours of actual massaging. she is currently waiting to take her test on the 24th- a lot of people say it's really hard.

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