Which continent has no countries on it?

Antarctica and austrailia
antartica i believe...i dunno
AND Australia :-) :-) :-)
antarctica.. Australia IS a country, you retards
The cold one at the bottom of the world, Antarctica.
Yea, what everyone else said lol
Australia has no seperate countries. It is a single country/single continent.
Antartica... no countries, no people (well only very FEW), and no economy, and only animals like penguins, some polar bears, and whales.
Antartica. There are 'countries' with 'holdings' there, but no actual 'countries' on that continent.
Antarctica has no countries. Certain parts are owned by certain countries (for scientific work), but no real countries.

My third grade class knows this... why don't you?
Antartica, where the penguins live.

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