How do you get nominated for the Who's Who Among American High School students?

Question:Who can nominate you and why do people get nominated?

Generally, they take the top 25% from each high school and send them cards based on a mailing list they purchase from your school district. However, be aware that this is just a money-making has little or no actual value to your academic career.
Seriously? It's so the "Who's Who" folks can sell books. I wasn't nominated for that one but have been nominated for "WW of National Dean's List Students" in college. "WW among America's Teachers" and "WW among American Women". Their goal is to sell you their book and make money. Be more impressed if a teacher of yours told you that you were doing a great job, or that they loved your MacBeth report. They are being honest.
I agree with the other response. There's not much merit to this. They just send stuff in the mail trying to get you to buy stuff. Just keep your GPA up. Colleges won't care about the who's who.
People with outstanding academic acheivement are nominated for Who's Who Among American High School students. I was nominated when I was in high school. I believe you should talk to your guidance counselor about nominating you for Who's Who.
It's a business. They get the honor rolls or national honor society lists and print everyone's name and then offer to sell them the book....they make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a book that most college admissions don't use as a criteria for admission.
teachers nominate u

just get good grades like me
The first few posters have given you all the info you need.

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