what are the disadvantages of a polythene sack?


Polythene is not biodegradable, and if dumped in the soil cause harm to the plant energy, as the toxic substances of polythene get blocked among the soil particle.

. Polythene threatens the life contained by the water bodies. The chemicals contained by polythene affects the survival of flora and fauna of the aquatic and submarine eco systems.

. Polythene is also likele to clog the drains causing problems surrounded by the water flow of the pipes. The pipe blockages would raison d`¨ētre flooding and the free flow of water is disturbed.

. Polythene is insalubrious for animals if swallowed. It solidifies inside the abdominal cavity which ultimately becomes fatal to the animal.

. In most households poly bags are used to preserve food items. It have been found out, the colourful poly plenty contains lead and cadmium which are toxic and lead to adverse effects to human health.

. If polythene is adjectives in embark on air Hydrogen cyanide which is carcinogenic (cancer causing) is released.

Hydrogen cyanide cause environmental pollution and health hazard


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