What does turning 18 mean to you?

It means the end of childhood and the beginning of being old and responsible and all that other crap I don't want.
it means that you are 18 years old
It means you can end up in jail for screwing around with jail bait.
Going to college, being out of my parents house, learning more responsibilities, being on my own
it means you're a year older..
It means I can drink, drive and go to a strip club, wooooo!
It means you can vote and legally buy cigarettes and tobacco products. Most people say that 18 is the start of adulthood, but it's nothing but a number. I know people in their 20's that still aren't adults....
Being at the threshold of the rest of your life and having lots of opportunities before you
moving out finding a job starting school other then that it didnt really mean much, it was 19 that was the big one, i was finaly about to do what ever (go to bars/casinio) though i did sneak in before i turned 19 but if i got id then i wasnt able to get in, which usually ment my friends and i had to go find something else to do or try another place, not that i would get drunk very much it was just the fact that i wasnt stoped to going in by anything anymore
it means you can legally drink
cant remember it was that long ago.....
No its a big step wellcome to the world of grown up living
being on my own
your allowd to go to bars
Something that happened 42yrs ago !!
making choices by myself
Well------------------my Avatar, George Burns, used to sing a song called "I wish I was Eighteen again" and I have to agree with him! Especially if I knew what I know now!!
Personally, it meant being able to move out ,vote and buy lotto tickets ;p. I've worked since I was 16 and ive always had responsibilities so that didnt change...well it added more to them.
being a sensible creature who understands things and deals with them without begging b4 elders.
means that you can go out and legally party with your mates - wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

also means that you are pretty much grown up and have to start thinking for yourself a bit more
means you are 18... you dont change over night... that comes with experience. not all have the same. many are still less mature and experienced realtiosh and sex wise then 15 year olds, others more mature
it means no more playing
its the start of somethin' new
Being responsible for ones self.
Buying alcohol legally.
MUM & DAD don't have to be responsible for me anymore, I have to take care of them!
It means too and childhood and become a responsible young person and leave all childish toys and pick up lies behind. Its time to start trying to find someone in you life and still focus on your education and career.
it means i can finally do what i want when i want
2 me it means that u r now officially an adult and you can buy alcohol and get married without ur parents concent and u cqan officially drive
I get to have sex with my boyfriend! We're waiting until 18. That way, if I get pregnant, we'll be out of high school by the time the baby is born (we both turn 18 mid-school year).
Your final year of childhood. The age at which you become a man or woman and take responsibility. In other words no more free stuff from your parents and find a place of your own lol
it means that you are now a legal adult.
means you are eligible legally to register to vote and do so

means you should be mature enough to get a job and keep it and learn the advantages of earning an income and savings and careful spending

means you are on your way to all kinds of forms of freedoms
It means that I have a legal right to vote and that I am officially a citizen of the United States of America. It means that I will be going to college soon and that I will have to make some final decisions about that. That is what turning 18 means to me.

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