Questions to ask teacher for a yearbook interview?

hi all. im within the yearbook committee an im in charge of coming up near questions to ask the teacher in an interview which will be published surrounded by our yearbook. the yearbook is only for the graduate year. ive come up with a couple of question but would be really greatful if anyone could suggest any more questions which i could ask the teacher. thank you very much.

Answers:    I would ask them: (1) Why did you prefer to go into the training profession? (2) Did you experience any benefits or disappointments which you did not forsee when you first became a don? (3) What has changed the most since you begin teaching? (4) If you have to do it all over again would you still become a guru? (5) What has be the most difficult and also the most rewarding parts of your career? (6) What guidance would you give to a untried teacher who is freshly starting out? (7) Is there any one unusual day or incident during your profession which stands out above all others? I hope these give somebody the third degree help you out.
i would ask
1 why become a instructor?
2 why at (name of school)?
3 why are you teaching (subject)?
4 what university did you go to?
5 what made you want you wanted to be a trainer?
6 which subject did you hate?
7 what be the worst thing you did at academy?
8 are you proud of all the pupils graduate this year?
What year did you graduate from high academy?

How is high institution today different than when you graduated?

How are teens different?
Honestly, I don't ruminate teens are that interested in where on earth there coach went to academy.
Try asking them.
-What's your favorite past time?
- Where do you shop?
- Favorite TV show?
-Favorite Restaurant?

Also try asking opinion too
- Do you believe in the zodiac?

Or ask for stories
- What be your best/worst college experience?
- What was your worst driving experience?

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