Why is cyber bullying wrong?

this is for a fccla project and i would like other peoples point of view.

Answers:    All bullying is a form of abuse. Bullying is wrong because it demeans someone else, make the victim perceive powerless and scared. Cyber bullying is freshly as damaging as any other type of bullying.

Here are a couple of sites that may comfort you.
emotional misuse is the leading factor surrounded by teen suicides
soooo with that to influence...
any kind of bullying or cynical surroundings will in some channel or another, effect someone.
the obstacle of whether or not it's online, on the phone, on contained by person make no difference
For the same pretext that any type of bullying is wrong. Just because it isn't done face to frontage doesn't mean it isn't demeaning, demoralizing and hurtful.
What is fccla?

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