Help! I got caught cheating on a test!?

Question:So I cheated on a chem. test and got caught for it. I was looking through my purse constantly cause I had a cheat sheet in there and I got caught. Instead of confessing, I made up a lie of "looking for something in my purse" and I stuck to it. So now, I'm a cheater, and a liar in the eyes of my teacher, who really tried to forgive me. What should I do? I already approached him three times, but every time, a lie comes out. He seems really mad at me. Will this go on my permanent record? On my transcript? I am so worried! I promised my self I'll never cheat or do anything bad again. But how can I get thru this? Will this affect me in applying for colleges?

Fess up.
Make an appointment to talk to the teacher after school, one on one. Tell him the truth. Be completely honest and tell him why you felt the need to cheat, how you did it, that you lied about it, and that how you feel about it now.
He will respect you more for the truth than for the best lie you can up with. And, you will respect yourself.
Maybe he will let you retake the test for partial credit?
Anyway, honesty is the best policy...
Cheating doesn't go on your transcript, just your grade.

Don't even act like (1) umm okay I was cheating on a test.. everyone does.. cuz NO, NOT EVERYONE DOES) and (2) lies just come out ofmy mouth (like they fall from the sky or something)

What should you do?
A final grade of F in chemistry, for cheating, may affect your graduation.
Just tell ur teacher the truth and maybe he'll understand. Say that u didn't have enough time to prepare 4 da test............ And say u won't repeat it the next time.
I would right on your hand (or a piece of paper) and I would go up before or after class and admitt it. What is really funny is that it is not the really high people that you put in respect but the people that are humble and sorry for their wrong actions.
Maybe instead of talking to the teacher you should write him a letter. That way you can read it over as many times as you need to and make sure it says what you want it to say. After he has had time to read and think about your letter then you should talk to him about the consequences and how it will affect your college application process. Regardless of what the consequences are you will get through this situation and you have already decided NOT to make the same mistake in the future. Stick to it. Thank about what made you decide to cheat next time and how to handle that kind of pressure better in the future.
of course it will be affected if your teacher put it in your report card. just stop telling lies and make up for it. that the best advice i could give as being a student too. but dun ever cheat cos you will get nothing in the end if you cheat.
you shouldn't have cheated in the first place period

you should make an appointment with your teacher and discuss what happened
apoligize for what happened, offer to take the zero and ask what you can do to redem yourself.
the more you approach him and tell lies the more your credibility goes down
get it right asap
chances are it will not show up on your transcript but it could in your permanent record
the sooner you speak to your teacher truthfully the better the chances
no, thats where it ends..
The truth is always best. I'm a junior in college, and done my fair share of cheating, but when I study, and do good on a test, it feels great knowing I can do it on my own. A grade earned feels better than one faked.
take a chill pill. the worst that could happen is that you'd get a zero on the test and maybe a referral to the principal, no biggie.

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