Active and Passive Voice..(Secondary 2/8th Grade English)Please help me??

Question:The following newspaper article made use of verbs that are in the active and passive voice.

Fire (swept through) a locked hostel at Singapore University at night, killing 20 students and a security guard, the Straits Times (reported) yesterday. The fire (was believed to have been caused) by an electrical short-circuit that (sparked) a blazing fire in the university's hostels.

The victims (were trapped) inside their rooms that night when the fire (started).

Please help me to classify the verbs in the brackets according to Active and Passive voices..Thank you so much for helping me with my homework..

When the subject is doing something (i.e. swept or sparked), the verb is classified as active voice. When something is doing the action to the subject (i.e. were trapped or is classified), the verb is classified as passive voice.

Also, "through" is not a verb, but rather an adverb, because it tells something about the verb. "To have" is actually in infinitive phrase, rather than a verb.

I hope this helps!
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