Does anyone here read adjectives the misspelled words surrounded by these question......?

Question:And worry in the region of the public education system as much as I do? Why don't race use spell check? Yahoo has put it surrounded by right here for us to use, to make sure we spell correctly. Don't society re-read their questions and answers past posting? I guess not!!!!!! Don't they realize how stupid they seem? (And these are the young at heart people that will whip over in the subsequent generation ------- SCARY!)

This really does bother me to the point of frustration. Some of the question are such Pig Latin crap that I can't even decipher it. What benign of person surrounded by their right mind doesn't know how to click a button and use spell check? A person near the attention span and brain capacity of a unconscious rabbit, that's what.

No, public education doesn't bother me nearly as much as broad laziness. All of them could cram to spell if they chose to.

No, public schooling doesn't bother me nearly as much as general stillness. All of them could learn to spell if they chose to.

I noticed too, and it bothers me. But contained by case you don't know creative spelling is adjectives the rage among teenagers. WAZ RONG WICHU?

I am in total agreement near you on that. I am younger and I try to spell everything right, but it makes me perceive almost alien, because everybody else is not spelling things right!

It is disastrous that people can't spell, but is it really that serious, you're only just trying to start something.

oh my family dont use spell checker!!!!! oh no they mis-spell words,THEY MUST BE PUNISHED!!!! geez did i spell that right?

Yes, some of the question are very intricate to read at times but we have to remember that relatively a lot of the question are posted by people who do not enjoy English as their first language, so as a consequence are likely to contain mistakes that the majority of English speakers wouldn't trade name.

Having said that, it is still obvious that like mad of the younger generation within the UK as well as the USA, own no idea how to spell correctly, how to use punctuation, or even how to construct a simple sentence.....and to be exact worrying.

Spell check is good but not infallible, as it doesn't filch into consideration the context that a word is used in.

Ware, wear, where on earth
Hear, here
Their, there
Two, too, to
Right, write, wright
etc, etc, etc. Your maltreat of punctuation worries me as well.

Lets not blame the young culture, it could be people that are within a hurry and don't bother to use spell check. Maybe these people are typing at work and don't want to obtain caught so they submit before spell checking because some one be coming, and they are afraid to lose their job. Maybe they don't enjoy computers at home and are typing in their question or answers at the library.

KUDOS to President Bush, I read he is going to make it possible for every home to own Internet, it will be as common as have a telephone. Maybe after we will see people put more force into what they type since they will be able to do it from their homes.

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