In high school football,what do 1a,2a,3a,4a,and 5a mean?

Question:My (little?) one's team is 5a.I can't say the name of the team because they are nationally recognized,but I know they are extremely good,to say the least.I know 5a is the best one,but what does it all mean?

hey since we won today...wanna celebrate by giving me the ten points for best answer?

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The numbers in fron of the A indicate the size of the school, for example, a 1a school will be the smallest. they divided schools among size in sports to make it more fair, for example, a huge inner city school with 5,000 kids and one football team is going to have a lot more potential than an east texas school with 50.

hope that helps!

p.S. my school is too! southlake carroll dragons baby!
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