What are the advantages and disadvantages of science?

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Science is essential, and is not a new thing, it has been going on for many hundreds of years, it as just got more and more sophisticated.

Advantages for science include:

1. Helping us understand ourselves and our environment
2. Disproving myths and legends which people used to hold as the truth.
3. Research and develop vaccinations and drugs that save peoples lives.
4. Help us to understand the animals we live nearby so we can better understand how to protect them from threats such as deforestation and the changing environment.
5. Helps us to perform forensics on crime scenes to help the police capture murderers, rapists and other dangerous criminals.
6. Creates new technologies that help enrich our lives such as, the computer, the Internet, the discovery of electricity, etc
7. Science itself gives the opportunity for many people around the world to study an exciting subject giving them fulfillment and enjoyment
8. Science disciplines around the world provide jobs many many people all over the world.

I'm sure there's many more...
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