Indiana - Do I have the right to observe my daughter in class?

Question:Anyone know the laws or where I can find them about when and how much I can observe my daughters classroom in Indiana? Can the school tell me I can't observe the class? Can they tell me for how long or how often I can do this?

I am not familiar with Indiana state law, but I believe it's a right granted by the Federal government, although it's not explicit. Parents are responsible for their children's education.

No, you're not turning anything communist. It's a very long and eye-opening read, but well worth the time to check out the e-book (downloadable free) at
This was written by a former secretary of education, so she knows what she's talking about. After reading this, most parents would be demanding to observe classes!

But to address this from another viewpoint: are teachers so efficient and effective in overcrowded classes that they no longer appreciate parent-aides? I think the key is to approach it from a concerned and helpful parent point of view. You'll get to see what you want, the teacher will appreciate your interest and help, and you might even get to make a difference for not just your daughter, but other students.

Good luck!
People like you are letting the government slowly turn us into a communist nation.
i dont know of where there is a school that parent involvement is prohibited, i think, if your child iz in school, you have every right to be there, as much as you can, that your child will know that you are involved with his/her school. parent/child school handbook{updated version}.
No, you're not going to be allowed to sit in your daughter's classroom to observe her.

Imagine if it was the policy of a school district to allow parents to do this...that would border on the ridiculous.

Let the teachers do their job without interference from you.
If there's something about your daughters school work that you're not happy with, set up an appointment with her teacher(s) and discuss it with them.
I'm not sure about the law in Indiana but I feel that a school os like a daycare in the sense that I ahould be able to observe what my child is learning and how they are being taught. I do understand that sometime it is a distraction for children to have their parents in the room but I feel that on occasion you/me/any parent should have the right to make sure that our children are in a safe environment and that the school/daycare our children attend meet our expectations. I would take my child to another school if they denied me to check in on my child on occasion. Now as to an every day thing, that might be to much but once in a while say every couple of months if I choose to sit in my childs class for a little while at the back of the room and am not causing a problem then I think it should be alright. I commend you for wanting to be involved in your childs education, to many parents now days believe that its the schools sole responsibility to not only teach our children but to babysit our children for the hours that they attend. I feel taht you wanting to be involved in your childs life is great and that you must care a lot for your child. Good luck and I hope the best for you and your child.

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