What is syllabus for 1st Std. contained by ICSE board?

I want to know how many subjects are within in 1st Std. contained by ICSE board.

Answers:    English is compulsory,Maths,a 2nd lang(hindi or the local lang-marathi in mumbai, bengali contained by kolkata etc...)more or les dats it!no history or geog.They might have some elementary broad science.i thnk that's al...
1st standard syllabus is not prescribed by icse,,rather its the skool which take up the suggested topics and it depends on the skool how good or fruitless it is,,1st standard is generally not the time to pinch syllabs into consideration,,,rater 1 should encourage the children to expand their creativity and play games which aid them surrounded by learning,,use pedagogic software ,read books etc...
generally skools enjoy english,hindi ,maths and gk/social science and science,,subjects may differ frm skool 2 skool,,,some may offer some form of supw subject ,,eca etc

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