Do you italicize book quotes or underline them?

Exact quotations from a book (or any source) are in quotation marks. Book titles are italized (in the publishing world) and underlined in research papers. The title of a poem or a short story would be in quotations. Source(s):
see a college English handbook for examples italicize What?
In an essay?
You put quotation marks around the quote. For example - President Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." neither. Put them inside quotation marks. For formal school papers, use underlining. italicize italicize them Assuming you are using MLA format, there are several different methods, these depend on the characteristics of the text being quoted.

The section is the forth one down (large bold) You italicize them and use the quote marks ("")before the quote and after the quote It depends. If you are doing it for stylistic purposes you could italicize to make a point. If its just a quote for evidence or data for your essay, you would put the quotation between quotation marks. Depends on the format you are using & if it is a formal paper. You would follow MLA or other guidelines, which differ. Neither is more correct.
Some systems have you indent quotes. The quote itself goes in quotation marks, and is neither italicized nor underlined.
Book *titles* can be either underlined or italicized, according to personal taste: both are correct, though italicization is more common now & seems to be the preferred format (personally, for the record, I also like italics better than underlining).
Book titles are not put in quotes, but article titles are.

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