what does second to none means?


*hey, I'm second to none!
There is nothing better it means #1 It means being first - "second" to "no one" (colloquial "none") the best It means coming in first. A good finish!! you are 1st means the best choice, first, top of the line, greatest etc The above answers are correct. I believe it means that something is in second place compared to nothing, or zero. So what comes after zero?. Number 1. So when if someone said michael jordan's basketball ability is second to none, they mean he is number one. It means FIRST PLACE, not second best. It means First, The Best, The Ultimate, The One, The Only, Unparalleled Superb and Superior. The Best. behind no one or thing, first it means the best. basically, whatever you are talking about has never "placed" second. it has always been the first "place" and it is the best. nothing (none) has ever beaten it. Something that is not surpassed by anything else.

Now remember that there are many things that are second to none.

Also, maybe for you the good taste of vanilla ice cream is second to none. Maybe for me it is not.

Sometimes this second to none business is a matter of opinion. hurry before theres none

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