Where did the saying "Geronimo!" come from?

Question:My brother is writing a report and needs to know.

I don't know about the other answers, they do all sound plausible, but one thing was left out. Before the invasion into Fortress Europa (D-Day) the German high command told all of the populace that the americans were a bunch of blood thristy savages in order to frighten them into either not helping them or to tell german troops in the area about where they had seen them, So of course what did the paratroopers do...they shaved their heads into mohawks and painted their faces like Indian warriors. So on June 5th what the residents of Normandy and the German troops saw was a bunch of pissed off Indians falling out of the sky and causing havoc across the countryside. That goes into another saying though. That one is called the "Rule of the LGOPs" (little groups of paratroopers). that ones entails that there is nothing more dangerous than a small group of highly trained, scared, pissed off, under age boys with no adult supervision and automatic weapons.
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