What does "another one bites the dust" mean?

I think that this can express a very personal point of view, and often does, especially if one happens to be particularly pessimistic and hard on himself. I have known several people who, upon failing to accomplish something they had hoped for, regard their failed attempt of a case where "another one bites the dust."
In this sense, it would mean that you have failed AGAIN. But my personal feeling is much more optimistic. If someone, somewhere were not always trying something innovative, no advances would be made. So, my outlook is "nothing ventured, nothing gained." You can spend the rest of your life bemoaning some failed attempt at a thing or two, or you can creatively try something, and, if it fails, go to something else. Sooner or later, you are bound to hit it just right. And, even if you don't, you will keep busy, learn new things, meet new people and probably make a lot of new friends (& maybe a few enemies, too--but I don't like everyone I ever met, did you? So we don't worry about the enemies.)
I didn't know about the origin (cowboy song) of this phrase. I have been around for a V--E--R--Y long time, and have heard it all my life. And never had it been in reference to the death of anything more than a pesky housefly or mosquito or snail, etc.
(But, I have noted this before, language is constantly evolving, and many "old sayings" are revived and dressed in new rags.) So this question may be addressed in any of several ways, depending on the prior experiences of the answerer.
It means to die, or to drop out.
Biting the dust means you've being buried and they're shoveling dirt/dust over your coffin; meaning you're dead.
Another one dies.
It means that you've failed or lost.
John Deacon wanted to write a song about cowboys. He originally had lined up a song in which it tells a mini story of a cowboy in each verse, and at the end each of the cowboys dies-- "bites the dust". he was originally inspired to write the song after hearing the phrase and liking it. Once the band started to record the song, however, it adopted a more adrk kind of beat, not suiting for the lighthearted fun cowboy lyrics, so John decided to change it.

- so to answer your question, it is from the lyrics of a song by Queen, meaning 'to die'
it means another one has come to a conclusion, or met it's end...or reached its goal
They die
to die, drop out, be a failure, quit, or to fall down to a level lower
Old west term for when a gun slinger hit the dirt after being killed in a gun fight. He bit the dust .
Originally it was death. But it could be a beer,a shot, a dollar,almost anything that you finish. Even the work week or day. or something that broke.Like a car.etc. It's also a song.

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