What does "your heart is my pinata" mean?

Question:I have seen this quote somewhere but I do not know what it means.

It means I'm going to beat the hell out of your heart until I get what I want, then I'm going to leave the mess for someone else to clean up while taking the best part of you with me so the next guy who comes along gets a girl who's defective.
I've never heard this before, but it sounds like it's saying, "your heart is my plaything". Either that, or you heart is full of candy and I'm gonna beat it until it breaks and spews candy!
sounds like your heart is for me to break open and eat the candy inside
Yeah, strange quote. Pinata is something you destroy for fun to find out what is inside.

It means you like to break other's hearts for fun. Pure Evil.

it means that you are playing with someone's heart, and causing them heartache.
Me neither. But if I read it literally as your heart is like my pinata, then the analogy of heart and pinata is troubling. A pinata is made to be broken. Is someone else's heart made to be broken? How sadistic!
I've never heard it before but I would guess that person treats your heart like a pinata- hits it, beats it- breaks it.

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