Where did the sayings "see you later alligator" and "after while crocodile" come from?

Question:I used to say it a lot as a child, but I'm not really sure who taught it to me or where they even got it from and I'm really curious to know the history behind it.

From a fifties rock star Bill Halley who had a hit 'See you later Alligator'
Probably funny little rhyming phrases for children. No idiomatic meaning whatsoever.
I think your mama said something like that last night in bed.

" Too soon baboon "
till then, penguin
I promise you its not any of those other answers. Its a jazz phrase as most slang is. Alligators were wannanbees who followed around jazz musicians trying to hang out with them and be part of the scene. They didnt play or were fake or just announced they were part of jazz culture rahter than earning it. As if one day your a yupee and the next your a punk rocker or something. So if an alligator comes up to you and starts talking like he's in, like he's coming with, you say "we're leaving. See you later alligator."

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