How do you properly write the title of a short story. Italics or quotations?

Haha, summer break totally had it's effect on me.

Answers:    WRONG!
Works surrounded by their entirety are underlined.
Smaller works inwardly a larger work are put in quotation results. So The Collected works of Edgar Alan Poe is underlined, but "The Cask of Amontillado" go inside quote marks. With PCs you may substitute italics for book titles, but not for both book titles and short stories contained therein.SO: Oliver Twist is underline or italicized; "Chapter 5: I Am Eaten by Sharks" goes inside quotes. The Poems of Ogden Nash is underline or italicized; "The Panther" is in quotes. Bad underline is the album by Michael Jackson; "Bad" in quotes is the song on that album. This also help to avoid confusiuon when play tiles are character name -- Hamlet (underlined or italicized, the play) vs. Hamlet (no indication, the character).
No quotation write it as it is.

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