What does "time is of the essence" mean?

Question:i have always heard time is of the essence, but what does it mean?

It means that you only have a limited amount of time in this world, so make the most of it and don't waste any
It means quite literally 'time is the essential thing' ie we must be aware of the time and hurry up! Timing is a factor in a certain situation. If you have 5 days to check out the car and make sure it works before the 5 days. The 6th day if the car does not work you have no guarantees. that time is the essence of the task at hand aka: be quick or were running out of time or i don't have much time etc. To wait, may make the task meaningless. Check out the links in the search below - there's a contract definition as well I had never heard: That it's important to do-----------------(?)right at this moment because the clock is ticking.


There's your dream house-other people are interested in it,too. You need to decide if you can afford it,want to make a bid,time is of the essence at that point. time is crucial don't waste it, use it wisly It's a notification that you're dealing with a time-critical implementation.

When you've announced a product launch date ("Windows Vista, Q3'06"), then you've put a commitment to that. It is your deadline. Time -- or, specifically, meeting that deadline -- becomes an essential factor in how you make decisions regarding how your project will be built. If you hesitate too long in performing any task -- like fact-checking or quality assurance -- then you'll miss your deadline and look foolish and incompetent.

That said, time is rarely of the essence. Folks in marketing claim that time is of the essence because they don't want to look bad after they've proclaimed a release date. Folks in finance claim that time is of the essence because they have to report how much money your company isn't making from products it isn't shipping on a known schedule. But the majority of the work in the world is better served by being done right first and on-time second than on-time first and right second (if ever).

Consider: A news report saying a bunch of people survived a terrible accident finds out after the presses have started churning out miraculous news that the people didn't survive after all. Spies need to get wiretaps against somebody they suspect is a terrorist, so they go ahead and tap the phone and figure that they'll get the warrant when they've got the proof -- only to watch the terrorist go free because they were supposed to have enough due cause to get a warrant before they started. A nation launches a proactive war against a known-and-gathering threat based on faulty information, only to find out three years, 2400ish casualties and $300,000,000,000 in taxpayer money later that the threat was utterly imagined and neither known nor gathering as the faulty information had claimed.

We need to get the newspapers published, the terrorists to justice and keep our nation secure. But in all cases, it's better to be a bit slower with the right answer than early with the wrong answer. its precious so make the most of everything

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