Who said the quote "the three b's in life dont be flat dont be sharp be natural"?

The closest I can get to an origin is this excerpt from a piece in "American Mercury" magazine in the fall of 1924, called "Notes on the Vernacular." It looks as if the article is probably by H.L. Mencken, but it's hard to be sure from the excerpts that Google Book Search makes available.

"A number of devices for simplified writing are current among children and young people." [Not much has changed in 80 years, has it?] "A rhyme popular among young people reads:

YYUR - Too wise you are,
YYUB - Too wise you be,
ICUR - I see you are
YY4Me - Too wise for me.

"Musical expression is also made use of for abbreviated writing in popular lore, e.g. 'Just a little ♪ to you.' Some well-known mottos for musicians run B▀, B#, but don't B¶ [yeah, I know that's not a flat sign, but it will have to do] (be square, be sharp, but don't be flat) or 'always B#, never B¶, always B≡' (always be sharp, never be flat, always be natural) [yeah, that's not a natural sign either, but you get the idea]."

Apparently these were already quite common in 1924.

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