why do people fall in love with wrong people?

cause there is no school that teaches how to fall in love with the right person. so like everything else we need to learn from our own experience. we try to find the right person, and in the process we end up falling in love with no so right people.
it is important to make one more point here. many times people fall in love with you but you don't find them attractive and move on, and they end up suffering, then when you like someone and fall in love, you see the same thing happens to you, this process continues until finally, you find someone to love and in return the other person loves you back and that would be the perfect match. unfortunatly, most people don't have that much patience to go through their experiences and end up making wrong choices just because they are "tired of trying" and end up in the wrong relationship. so the point, you will be fine just have patience and enjoy the experience
wish i knew too. because of their stupidity. The cause of and solution to all of lifes problems: Alcohol! They mistook love for friendship or vice versa. There will always come a time where you will find the perfect person lust love is blind.you just fall so in love with someone you dont realise they are wrong.but what might be wrong for you may be right for someone else. maybe people is the right person for the wrong people.. who knows? people don't ALWAYS fall in love with the wrong people. u learn beta 4rm bad experiences.falling in love with the wrong person teaches u the value of the right person whom u neva realized. well, it is indeed one of the inevitable processes of human's life for sure. that's to say, we need experience right? after falling in love with the wrong types of ppl u didnt expect, that will make u wise up for not to get in luv with the same sort of person. alright?
dun worry.
hailie. Love is blind, in a way.it's like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...ppl in love with the wrong person won't know it's the wrong person, until it's too late. The scientists claim love is a harmonious chemical reaction between mates. So, thinking may have little to do with it. In my case, it could be true. I couldn't help but fall in love and so, for the young my message is wait for the chemistry to happen. it is not a game, so that u would know that u have taken the right step aur not. when u love someone, u don't know that he/she is a right person or not. u just know that u love her.
BUT BUT BUT. u can understand that he or she is a right person 4 u or not if u keep control on urself and take a test of ur loved one by ignoring him/her.
i know, its very hard to test someone u love. but this is the only way..!
but if he/she loves u he/she keep on loving u, even if u r not with him/her.
this only can help u a little bit.
after all,as everyone knows "LOVE IS BLIND".! cos maybe they were really nice when you were around them and then when the two get really close they start to see what each other is really like. A sensitive question,the possible reason could be getting attracted to the vices they posses thinking those as something unique and challenging to win! Yes, Humans many times in the life, make mistakes. who knows If your feeling are explainable, it's not love. At the time, they may not think it is the wrong person.

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