What does the saying "light at the end of the tunnel" mean?

Question:not scientifically, just in general terms?

Simply stated...it means that a solution or resolvement to a particular problem or situation is close at hand and attainable.
It means when times are tough - there is an end in sight - the light at the end of the tunnel
It means it's not the end and that there is a way out or around it.
It means, after all the hell you will go through, there is peace in the end.

(What would really suck is another tunnel.)
Yup, the first answerer got it right; it means that even when times are really tough, when it seems as if you are in a very long dark tunnel, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope and resolution and help for your immediate problems. Good question.
The adage means that, no matter how bad the situation seems, there is relief and hope at the end of it. Therefore, one shouldn't despair as nothing bad lasts forever.
No matter how bad things look [the tunnel], there is always hope [light].
it is a saying that means, I am almost done...I see the light at the end of the tunnnel.
Time is the best healer. When you seem to be in a tunnel which represents problems, in time they will be diminished and or gone. This is the light at the end of the tunnel. In a manner of speaking. There are other meanings but I think this is the one your looking for.

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